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Hoi An Family Tailor

Minh Nhi Tailor

is a quality custom tailor offering design for a highly individualized, sophisticated look. Style is built not on fashion trends, but on personal taste and perfect fit. True style blends personality, quality construction and a custom fit. Minh Nhi creates patterns for each client based on his choices in fabric, color and cut.

The result is a beautifully tailored appearance that you will love to wear.

AFFORDABILITY means our price range will reflect the low- and mid-price range versus comparable competitors.

WEARABILITY means that our design shall stands every occasion, at professional work as well as in everyday life environment. Our persistence to offer the hand-cut for the perfect individual fit shall encourage the individual to wear our clothing every day.

DURABILITY means we strive to meet the ultimate perfection in every quality details of  clothing with no compromise. From the selection of the quality of textiles, the buttons, the cuffs, the collar details and the stitching, we will do our outmost to ensure clothing is durable to stand time.

Tailor Store offers a wide variety of high quality fabrics for our custom tailored garments. Everything is carefully selected to offer you fantastic clothes at unbelievable prices. We offer many different categories, from luxury business fabrics to comfortable casual varieties. What’s your favourite?

minh nhi - hoi an tailor shop - about us

Minh Nhi Tailor Shop

79 Trần Hưng Đạo Street, Hoi An, Vietnam

Working Hours

Monday – Sunday: 09:00am – 08:00pm

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