Our Process

minh nhi hoi an tailor - design

Step one


Style is built not on fashion trends, but on personal taste and perfect fit. Choose your design, pick your details and fabric. For ideas, you can either flip through one of our many catalogues, browse the internet or simply turn to our team for their expert guidance.

minh nhi tailor shop - measurments

Step Two

Taking measurements

We value quality and perfection. We know that every person is different. Your size, posture, figure, and the shape of your body all change the way your clothes fits. So taking precise measurements is the best way for your to get your bespoke attire.</p> <p>We know that taking measurements can be a chore, so we have worked hard to make it as easy and quickly as possible for you.

minh nhi - hoi an - tailor - custom fit

Step Three


We schedule your fitting day. Your garment is made purposely loose for the fitting as this is where our skilled tailors really get to work – with their meticulous attention to details they go over every inch of the outfit, to check where alterations should be made so it fits your body perfectly. Then, within a few hours, your piece will be available for a second fitting. You can come in for as many fittings and request as many changes as you like because ultimately, it’s your satisfaction that we care about.

minh nhi - hoi an - tailor - pick up

Step Four

Pick Up

Once you are a 100% satisfied, all that is left is to take home your new custom-made piece, and wear it with love.