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7 Ways to Care for Tailored Suits

Your partner, your pets and your suit. these are three things you should always treat with delicate, loving care.

Wait, a suit?

Yes, tailored suits require extra TLC. If you’ve spent money to have a suit made just for you, you’ll want to take special care of it so it lasts longer.

Taking care of your suits is easier than most people realize. It just requires following some basic rules of care and learning best practices for clothing.

Read on and see how simple it is to keep your outfits looking great for the next week at the office.

Avoid the Dry cleaners as Much as Possible

The dry cleaners is a normal go-to for most folks. If you want your tailored suits to look their best, it’s safer than throwing them in your washing machine, right?

Wearing clothing that is excessively dry cleaned is linked to cancer. But how do you take care of clothing that is delicate and has to be maintained a certain way?

Only dry clean when you’ve noticed dirt or smells building up within the clothing. Because this method of cleaning is harsh, it strips away the fibers, making your suit prone to wear and tear.

To avoid problems, check out some of the alternative methods of cleaning. You’ll get the most out of your suit, without worrying about problems related to damage or your health.

Steaming Is Better Than Ironing

Wrinkles are something that occurs with any article of clothing. How do you get rid of them when they appear in your favorite tailored suits?

Steaming is a time-tested way to get rid of wrinkles, without an all-over wash. Choosing to steam is a safe and inexpensive method you can do at home.

Wrinkle-release sprays are one way of accomplishing this. If you worry about wrinkles while at work, keep a bottle in your office.

Otherwise, steaming via the shower is an acceptable way of getting rid of wrinkles. By turning on the shower and closing the door, you’ll create plenty of steam in the bathroom.

Hang the suit in there and let the shower work its magic. Alternatively, purchasing a steamer intended for suits and other clothing is useful.

The important thing to use a gentle method that releases wrinkles, rather than exposing your suit to additional damage.

Take a Break and Rotate

Just like any other article of clothing, your tailored suits need a break from being worn 24/7. Put your suits on a schedule of sorts.

Consider options such as:

  • Wearing suits once a week or once every two weeks
  • Only dry cleaning when necessary dirt or smell is noticeable
  • Going causal on Friday or another day, if that is an option at your office
  • While these aren’t difficult things to do, giving your favorite suit time to rest will leave it rejuvenated. It won’t face exposure to the elements, and when you are ready to wear it again, it will feel like a new suit.

Roll Your Suit Instead of Washing

While your suit does need cleaning, you shouldn’t turn to washing just because there’s hair stuck to the suit. Finding hair, or other small particles that enjoy clinging to you is a sign to roll instead of wash.

Lint rollers are an investment you must have if you work in a corporate environment. They are small, portable, and it’s easy to get several for the home and office.

When you think your suit needs a pick-up, just use a lint roller. You’ll save money, and keep it looking its best for a longer period of time.

Hang up Frequently (Your Tailored Suits, Not Your Phone)

Keeping your tailored suits from getting wrinkled is easy if you’re willing to do the legwork. Instead of throwing your suit on the ground or laying it on the bed after a long day, hang it up.

Putting suit pants and jackets back on a hanger after wearing keeps them looking presentable and extends their life. You aren’t leaving them in a pile to gather more wrinkles.

To ensure they look their best, spend money on a wooden hanger that has plenty of space. Your suit has room to spread out, and you aren’t leaving it on a flimsy wire hanger that stretches it out.

Use a Bag When Traveling

Suitcases aside, you want something that allows your suit to hang and relax without getting wrinkled or folded improperly. It doesn’t matter if you are traveling out fo the country or getting across town and changing there.

Wherever your travel plans take you, use a garment bag for extra protection.

Garment bags protect suits from the elements, meaning there’s no chance of rain or snow damaging your suit. Coffee spills and getting dropped in the gutter are a worry of the past, thanks to the plastic protection the bags offer.

Sometimes it’s not practical to travel with a garment bag. Long distances, limited suitcases, or the need for a carry-on eliminate the extra room you need.

In these cases, roll your suit. Rolling, just as you would roll a swiss cake, means your suit stays wrinkle-free.

You’ll be able to transport a couple of your favorite suits, allowing plenty of room for other items that are necessary for your trip.

Add to Your Collection

Following all these suggestions allows you to keep your tailored suits looking in the best condition possible. This saves you money since you don’t have to replace the suits as often.

All good things must come to an end eventually-even your favorite clothes. In that case, we are here to help you with your clothing needs.

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